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Liviu Mesesan
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10/12/2019 9:45 pm  

I first got in touch with Personal Agility back in 2017, during the summer vacation when I read an article about it. The article made me curious and few weeks later I contacted my friend Peter Stevens to find out more about. It was September 2017 when I first tried Personal Agility, and back then Personal Agility helped me organize my work and find that thin balance between work and my personal life. It continues to do so today.

There are times when I have time and energy to follow the Framework, but as Peter says, there are hurricanes in our life that take us away from our path. I realize that my ship is not on the normal course when I wake-up and I have too much to do and not enough time to do it. That’s my warning signal, which tells me that I am going in wrong direction, so in that moment I relax and come back to Personal Agility by asking myself these questions:

  1. What really matters?
  2. What did I get done this week?
  3. What could I do next week?
  4. Of those things, which are important and which are urgent?
  5. Of the urgent and important things, what do I want to do next week?
  6. Who can help me?

There is never enough time to finish everything that we are planning to do, not even if the day was 48 hours long.

Why? Because as more time becomes available, we intend to do more and more tasks.

So it is hard to accept that you need someone’s help. Specially when you are a bit of a perfectionist and things are done properly only if you personally do it. But, as humans, we all have ability to learn and through learning to change our habits. And when our habit is to start with the question: Who can help? Then we know we are on the right path.

 By sharing my tasks, I found out that actually I don’t really need to do all of them, or someone else can do them much faster than me, or there is already a better solution for what I need. Either way, when I use Personal Agility, I have more time available to concentrate on “What really matters?” and do that, and that leads me to paths that I did not imagine possible before.

That’s Personal Agility for me!

Peter Stevens
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23/12/2019 10:30 am  

Welcome, @liviumesesan! I look forward to doing great things together!


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