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My Experience with Personal Agility

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“Breakfast is in the oven, water is boiling, Lunchbox almost prepared, school uniform is ready, need to just drop a quick email about the 9a.m meeting, car needs servicing, have to call electrician today for sure, my 2p.m meeting needs to move can’t handle double booking, library books need to be dropped off, oh wait, baby is up”

And so, goes my morning, by 9a.m I am already exhausted thinking of all the things that I have to do in the day, if there is an unexpected event that appears, that will surely mess my day.

This was my state few months ago, and even though I am a senior coach who has done a lot of coaching and implementations, was struggling with time management. More than anything, I wasn’t able to finish the most important tasks. I had lots of sticky notes, but there was no order.

PAS gave me the focus back on “What really matters”, it helped me bring prioritisation to my chaotic world. When I first did the Priorities map exercise, the most important thing to do today was SLEEP. It was hard to believe, but that’s what the map told me.

PAS has improved my quality of life and given me confidence in committing to work. Now Priorities map has a very important place in my home office and is updated weekly by whole family !

Posted : 14/10/2020 12:32 pm

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