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15/10/2020 11:47 am  

A typical calendar for me – Almost back to back calls from 9 AM till around 8 PM. Few of the appointments were my own to-do items so I do not forget them and ensure I have time to do those. There were 1-2 breaks which was for me to stretch a bit or have my lunch.

Being an Agilist by heart, I was able to apply a lot of the Agile principles in my daily life. I could deliver all that was expected off me. I felt I was doing Ok with this kind of setup. I felt it as sustainable, so I kept on with the same assuming ‘all izz well’. But somewhere deep inside, I felt I am not doing justice to some of the tasks I was doing. And maybe I was not able to devote time for my family and friends.

Work was getting done but many times, things were missing, and I was facing the time crunch as things fell apart very fast when I was trying to do multiple things. Planning was there but there was a miss – a framework. Something that will play the thread that holds the beads together. And PAS played precisely that role.

I built my priority map and realized a lot of things which I was not even thinking about are actually things that I needed to do most. I was just ‘doing’ but I was not ‘prioritizing’ or ‘questioning’ it. It did help me take note of these and start applying them. While I can’t say I have achieved ‘nirvana’ yet, it has absolutely helped me improved my quality of life. My new wallpaper is my Priorities map which I update every week and ensure its always in front of my eyes, so I don’t let it be out of focus!!


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